Staybowlizer Care & Use

Staybowlizer is manufactured in the highest of standards by a BSCI compliant facility, the Staybowlizer is constructed using a BPA-free FDA standard food-safe siiicone compound which is heat-resistant to 26D°C I SOO"F making it suitable for use in the oven, microwave and dishwasherBPA free, heat resistant to 200 degrees C/500 degrees F, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Use as a double boiler: simply place on top of exiting sauce pan and the Staybowlizer will hold a top bowl securely in place
  • Also ideal for use in healthcare settings, on boats and RVS, for pet dishes and more!


Staybowlizer Applications:

The Staybowlizer finds itself at home in a multitude of environments.
Commercial kitchens and foodservice facilities residential kitchens and dining areas catering ope rations and banquet facilities · cuIinary arts schools and institutions · bakeries hospitals and occupational therapy facilities · retirement homes and assisted living facilities on-boa rd ships, yachts, boats and RVs · laboratories · retail settings · pet feeding areas.

Within these environments the Staybowlizer performs a wide variety of functions

general support for mixing bowls apparatus for seiving, double-boiler and bain-ma rietrivet and wok stand · bowl stacking and storage support · surface and counter protection assistive device for healthcare and rehabilitation · support for dog's food and water bowls anti-skid apparatus on-boa rd marine eraft and recreationa I vehicles · prop for retaii displays.