Hello Kitty by Siliconezone Care & Use

  • Silicone materials are safe? Is it fine to put in the oven or microwave and will not dissolve and will not send poisonous gas?
  • Siliconezone use high quality food grade safe silicone that passed FDA (USA) & LMBG (Europe) food safety tests, the absolute peace of mind. Silicone cookware and bakeware in the U.S. and Europe markets catering to industry and home kitchen has long been expanding in the pan switch, and shows that silicone is absolutely harmless to human body and can withstand very high temperatures.


  • There are many silicone products brand in the market, how to choose?
  • High quality food safe grade silicone is selected out of 100% pure silicone, free of impurities and functional to withstand the temperature (e.g. oven,microwave ovens, dishwashers, etc.) and maintained with safety through secure food safety testing.


  • Why silicone products average price is high compare with plastic products?
  • Most of our products are oven safe, microwave safe, freezer safe, dishwasher safe & withstand temperature from -50℃ to 250℃ therefore the price can not be used to compare with plastic products.


  • When use of silicone products, what areas need to pay attention?
  • Three Note: (1) No direct contact with flame. (2) Can not be used simultaneously with sharp tools. (3) Can not be used to vigorously scrub with rough sponge.


  • My newly bought bakeware seems to stick compare to my old aluminum bakeware, why ?
  • Siliconezone’s bakeware products are made of 100% silicone and is completely different from traditional aluminum bakeware when comes to the transfer of heat.
  • The composition of the material are also different and hence the food ingredient’s need for water and butter are also reduced.
  • For recipe that are previously used with aluminum bakeware may require a small change by reducing the amount of butter and water content when using silicone bakeware.
  • *Our suggestion is to rinse the bakeware in hot water first then apply a thin coat of cooking oil onto the surface to increase its non-stick properties for the first time. Subsequently it does not require application of cooking oil.


  • What is the best way to take away any odour left from previous session of baking/cooking and preparing the silicone bakeware and cookware ready for baking/cooking next time ?
  • After baking or cooking, it is recommended to soak the silicone cookware and bakeware into hot water and add with few drops of lemon juice. This may take away any smells or flavour left on the bakeware/cookware. After rinsing and washing, the piece of new cookware can be left air dry.


  • Why is there signs of deformation when placing the silicone cookware into the oven with high temperature as high as 250˚C.
  • Always put food material inside a cooking utensil when placing in a heated oven. Silicone cookware in general cannot be left inside heated oven without any food material. Failing to do so may cause deformation and harm to the bakeware and should be avoided.


  • Before Using Siliconezone Bakeware/Cookware for the first time

Read the manufacturer's label on the product's packaging 

This is by far the most important because it will give you guide and information on using your silicone bakeware/cookware. Always follow the silicone bakeware/cookware instructions.  

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